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CAPTECH Offers Research, Managed Services and Implementation services to its clients. We help our customers discover all they can utilize for their smooth business operations. Our goal is to enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage in their markets by deploying our customized technology solutions.

Help Desk Services

CAPTECH believes that if you are seeking guaranteed service levels for your help desk service, technical support, or customer service needs, CAPTECH help desk outsourcing service can give you that and more. Our Services, Processes and Technology will allow you to have the required technical resources and help you with any of your IT issues. These include:

– Application Support: We can provide you and your employees with technical support for standard off-the-shelf software applications and proprietary applications.

– Network Support: We can provide you with desktop related network support issues and user administration.

– Remote Control Assistance: There’s nothing more satisfying to a caller than quick, efficient resolution of their problem by a friendly help desk agent.

– Network Support: We can provide you with desktop related network support issues and user administration.

– Customer Satisfaction Survey: We can send out an automated email each month asking the caller to complete an independent survey based on five questions. Survey results are tabulated and reported on each month.

Sales Engineering

While many companies have embraced outsourcing for their financial and information technology needs, few have considered outsourcing sales. But trends are changing. According to research from the Dun & Bradstreet, sales and marketing is now the third most active area for outsourcing after finance and IT. According to published reports by Dun & Bradstreet, outsourcing of field sales is expected to rise fivefold over the next two years.

Since sales and marketing are tightly linked to a company’s reputation and key customer relationships, only a proven expert could be trusted to manage your brand and key business relationships.

CAPTECH is experienced in the design and execution of outsourced sales solutions for many International leading and emerging companies. CAPTECH helps drive revenue, customer acquisition and market share objectives in the commercial sector through our highly skilled, professional sales teams. Over the last two decades, The CAPTECH Team has been able to build a heritage of growing clients’, advanced technology offerings in new and existing accounts by leveraging CAPTECH’s market knowledge, technical expertise, and end-user relationships.

Technology Relations

“Sales Expertise” – Many companies are launched by engineers, or operations professionals. They are able to grow their business to a certain level, but in order to achieve their next level of growth; they need to look for outside sales & marketing expertise.

“Tactical Revenue” – Sales Outsourcing solutions, which range from advisory services to outsourcing services, focus on developing Tactical Revenue Plans that will help companies achieve the next level of growth quickly!

“Speed to Market” – Another factor is time to market. It is much quicker to have a well trained and managed Sales Team out the door making calls then for the company to be starting or rebuilding a group.

• Reduce and control operating costs
• Improve company focus
• Gain access to world-class capabilities
• Free internal resources for other purposes
• Resources are not available internally
• Accelerate reengineering benefits
• Function difficult to manage/out of control
• Make capital funds available
• Share risks
• Cash infusion